General Information


The Nederland Music and Arts Festival is held in Nederland, Colorado on the Jeff Guercio Memorial Baseball Field next to the Barker Reservoir on the east end of town. The box office and entry gate are located next to the TEEN Center at 151 East Street.

When You Arrive

Go to the Box Office next to the TEEN Center upon arrival. This is where you will exchange your ticket for a wristband, which is necessary for entry and re-entry, and pick up your camping passes if you have purchased them. If the show is not sold out we accept cash or credit cards. When being ‘wristbanded’, be sure that our staff puts it on tight enough so that it can’t slip off… and DO NOT take your wristband off until after the festival.

PLEASE NOTE: We cannot replace lost wristbands or broken wristbands if you are OUTSIDE the entry gate. If you are inside the festival and your wristband breaks alert an entry gate volunteer and have them bring you to the box office for a replacement.

Suggested Items To Bring

  • Low-back Camp Chairs
  • Blanket or Small Tarp
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunblock
  • Rain Gear (for the inevitable shower)
  • Warm Clothes


Nederland is a mountain town above 8,200 ft. The weather can change wildly in one day so make sure you come prepared for anything. The temperature drops a lot after sundown around here!

Things NOT to Bring


  • Pets**
  • Projectiles (frisbees, footballs, etc.)
  • Fireworks
  • Weapons
  • Glass of any kind
  • Large and/or hard-sided coolers

Public Transportation

You can travel easily, safely and affordably to Nederland from the Boulder/Denver area on the RTD bus system (our local mass public transportation). The RTD’s first stop in Nederland is just one block from the NedFest entrance!

Click here for Bus Schedules. Nederland is route “N” on RTD’s website.


Parking is free in designated areas. Please keep in mind, however, that parking in small-town Ned is limited. If you can’t travel by Bus, please carpool with friends. Also remember……ABSOLUTELY NO PARKING ON RESIDENTIAL STREETS IN TOWN!!! Please respect the signs that say “No Festival Parking.” This is one of the biggest issues that the neighbors have with NedFest. Ask the Parking Staff where you should park and/or follow the signs to the designated festival parking areas. Handicapped Parking is available in front of the TEEN Center next to the festival entrance.

Camping Information

Camping is available in Chipeta Park, just across Boulder Creek from the festival grounds. Camping is only allowed on the Friday and Saturday nights of the festival and there are no single night passes sold. Campsites must be cleared by 3 pm Sunday to give our crew time to clean up the park, but your vehicle can stay in the camping parking lot for the duration of the festival. We try and have our camp host ready for you to set up your camps by 3:00 on Friday. The box office may not be ready for you until 5 pm so as soon as you can, go and get your passes for your tent and car before you go over to the festival grounds for the show.

The camping fee is per-person, and you will have a separate wristband for it and a pass for your vehicle. You must have a festival ticket to redeem your camping pass.  A VERY LIMITED number of RV / trailer camping passes are available for an extra fee. Any vehicle or vehicle and trailer combination over 18 feet long (maximum 32′) counts as an RV. All persons staying in the RV must have a camping pass but only the RV owner must have an RV pass. Vans and pick-ups with toppers do not count as RVs (unless they have a trailer) but must have a camping pass and camp in the camping parking lot. Vehicle camping on the public streets will not be allowed.

Fire Danger

Often in the summertime there is county-wide Fire Ban due to the dry, drought-like conditions that we sometimes experience in the high country and throughout Boulder County. Some years this in effect during NedFest weekend. If this is the case, DO NOT light a campfire anywhere for any reason, or toss cigarette butts into the woods or out of car windows. Use common sense. Please keep this in mind while at NedFest… and all the time, for that matter!

Campfires are not allowed in Chipeta Park, sorry.

Zero Waste

The NedFest Staff has made the commitment to continually improve on our zero waste goals. All zero-waste stations have three bins, one for recyclables, one for compostables, and one for trash. Please look for the zero waste stations throughout the event and do your part by selecting the correct container. As a reminder, any left-over food waste, paper towels and napkins are compostable. Also, we prohibit the use of styrofoam by our vendors. We look forward to seeing you and thanks in advance for helping us achieve our zero waste goals.
Also: remember our sponsor Indian Peaks Spring Water offers FREE delicious water, just bring a water bottle!


Recording Policy

Audio taping is allowed but NO SOUNDBOARD PATCHES will be given. If a situation arises where an artist wishes to restrict the recording of his/her performance, we will announce it on stage and all mics and recording gear must be put away for the duration of the performance. Also, DO NOT set your mics up on stands directly in front of the mixing board. The engineer has to see the stage. This is very important and we will kindly ask you to kindly relocate if you do happen to get in the way.

Absolutely NO dogs

**Please be considerate of others when choosing whether or not to bring your service dog to the festival. Nederland is a dog town. We LOVE dogs here! But please leave your pets at home for the weekend. No dogs are allowed in the festival or tied up outside the grounds. DO NOT LEAVE PETS IN YOUR CAR!! It can get hot -yes, even in the mountains at the end of August – and dehydration, heat exhaustion and other bad things could occur. That would totally suck. Leave Fido at home please.

Unauthorized Alcohol

DO NOT BRING ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES TO THE FESTIVAL. We do check bags and coolers at the front gate! We always have a substantial number of quality beers available inside the festival for purchase. (Bring your ID!) If beer is not your thing we will also have mead (aka honey-wine) and wine available. If you are caught with unauthorized alcohol you will be removed from the festival grounds, your alcohol and event wristband will be confiscated, and you may be fined/charged by the Nederland Police Department.

Open Alcohol Outside Festival Grounds

Please DO NOT take any of the beer, wine or mead that you purchased at the festival outside of the festival grounds!! Nederland has an ‘Open Alcoholic Container’ ordinance and you could be issued a ticket if you are spotted by a Police Officer with an open container anywhere outside the festival fences. This applies to ALL parking lots, ALL streets and essentially ALL public places outside of the fenced-in festival grounds. For your own well being, please keep this in mind if you are thinking about “tailgating.”

Unlicensed Vending

Anyone vending at NedFest without a proper permit/permission will be escorted out of the festival grounds.

Unlawful Entry

NedFest is put on by a small non-profit organization and in order for this event to succeed and continue we really need your support. DO NOT sneak into the festival. NedFest has an agreement with the Nederland Police Department whereas anyone caught sneaking into the event or found inside the festival grounds without proper credentials (ie proper wristband) will be escorted out of the festival and charged with “Theft of Service.” If you see someone attempting to sneak in or someone inside the festival grounds without a proper wristband, please alert either a Security Guard or one of the Nederland Police Department officers on duty at the fest.